Rolling on

The road to our opening is long and winding (did I mention long?) but we keep rolling on. That just got a wee bit easier this week with the installation of our new roller door! We still need to get rid of the ugly window tint on the rest of the front, oh and the red tape trim, but new glass roller door is awesome! We’re well on our way to creating the destination experience that’s been in our heads for months, can’t wait for you all to see it too.

Buzz Bomb Building front

The old front of the building, sure the two doors are nice but the glass wall is boring and that tint has to go


new glass roller door

Glass roller door going in!


new glass roller door

That tint still has to go on the rest of the front but soooo much better

Rustic tasting party

Lots of good things happened last week, we got all of our designs submitted to the city for permits, we got our federal licensing approval, we got started prepping for the glass roller door on the front of the building (oh yeah, that’s happening!), and we got some good work done on the brewery!

After all that work, we needed a vacation…well that wasn’t going to happen so we did the next best thing and threw a party 😀

Awhile back some friends had requested a private tasting party and boy did we deliver, we pulled out all the stops and put together a german feast alongside eight of our experimental beers. The night was a rousing success, take a look

Homemade table and benches

Homemade table and benches

Beer hall style table

Beer hall style table

our portable bar

Our portable bar

Table center pieces

Table center pieces

Buzz Bomb Tasting glasses

Buzz Bomb Tasting glasses

Buzz Bomb tasting glass with beer


tasting party tent all lit up

The tent all lit up

You may remember that we’re doing a lot of work ourselves, such as building a lot of the furniture that is going into the tasting room…well you’re looking at where we learned to do that kind of stuff. All the furniture you see in that tent, including the bar, we made ourselves.

Epoxy on you

We’re pretty DIY here at Buzz Bomb and we’ve been doing a lot of work ourselves….aside from brewing and working on the taproom did you know that we build our own furniture? How about a sneak peek of our new copper-top bar and a few new tables!

copper bar top

Rolling out the copper top

Varnishing the copper top

Varnishing the copper top

Finished bar top

Finished bar top

Bar with copper top

Bar with copper top

Slab Table

Slab Table

Shiplap table

Shiplap table

Copper top table

Copper top table

Summer Festivals

Aww yeah, it’s almost time for summer festivals and we plan to be at several! That’s right, you don’t have to wait until this fall to get your hands on some Buzz Bomb brews because we’ll be out and about and serving beer. FINALLY!

We’ll publish info here (check our events page) and on our social media as we get details for all the festivals, but first up is the Chamber of Commerce 1st Annual ‘Shoes & Brews festival. We are very proud to be a beer sponsor along with our good friends and Hand of Fate Brewing Co.

The Chamber’s 1st Annual ‘Shoes & Brews event is coming in July and this is an event you don’t want to miss! ‘Shoes & Brews will feature some of Springfield’s top horseshoes, wineries and breweries among other great varieties of local food, beverages, live music and conversation!

The event will be held at Erin’s Pavilion on Thursday, July 20th starting at 5:00 p.m. and everyone is invited to attend, but you must be at least 21 years of age. ‘Shoes & Brews is an opportunity to relax and enjoy an evening of catching up with friends and colleagues.

Come and see us! Event info is on the Chamber’s website and you can get tickets online here.

Shoes & Brews

A little sooner, but a little farther, we’ll also be at Brew Skies Music Festival in northeast Missouri on June 10th. Check out their Facebook page for details and tickets are available online here!

Ultimate summer music festival and beer tasting adventure in Northeast Missouri. A wide variety of musical genres will be represented with many original singer songwriters as well as tributes to some of the greats. Vintage VW gathering and exhibit, more than 35 vendors offering unique shopping experiences, camping, food, and much more. All entertainment is family friendly and kids 12 and under are free.


Now with more Farmers Market!

Beginning this Saturday, May 20, Buzz Bomb Brewing Co will have a tent at the Old Capitol Farmers Market in downtown Springfield! We are sharing space with Driftwood cocktail & eatery and will have all sorts of goodies for sale. To begin with, we’ll be offering

  • Gourmet bread baked with our spent grains from brewing
  • Delicious dog treats also made from our spent grains
  • T-shirts
  • Stickers
  • Patches

Come see us Saturday and check out the awesome food and merch! Stay tuned for some festival announcements coming up soon too 😉

Spent grain dog biscuits

Spent grain dog biscuits


Beer, beer everywhere! Especially in Sanke kegs

We’ve got a lot of beer almost ready, mostly new recipes we’re testing out…watch for new entries to be added to the beer page soon!

Currently we’ve got

  • Cream ale
  • California common
  • Chocolate milk stout
  • Mexican chocolate stout
  • Belgian golden
  • Kolsch
  • ESB
  • A very special Saison
  • TWO new SMaSH recipes with top secret hops

Next up are summer brews and tasting parties!

Here’s a sneak peek into our kegging from yesterday, trying out our new Sanke kegs and fillers

Sanke keg filling

Our first Sanke fill

Cellar side in the house

Arriving a little earlier than originally projected (it was June before!) is the cold side of our microbrewery! Fresh from SS Brewtech, five 5 bbl unitanks and one 5 bbl brite tank are here!

So, what are unitanks you ask? Well, they are cylindroconical fermenters. What, that still doesn’t answer your question? Basically they are a fermenter and a brite tank in one, the entire fermentation and conditioning process can occur in one vessel, hence the “uni”. Sweet!

Now I guess you’re wondering what the brite tank is for, brite tanks are for conditioning beer after fermentation…but wait you say, don’t your unitanks do the same thing? Why yes, but that brite tank is our designated tax determination tank. Ah…now it comes together.

cellar side arriving

Inspecting the truck

fork truck unloading tanks

Fork it!

unloading tanks

Steady as she goes

5 unitanks and 1 brite tank


SS Brewtech goodness

SS Brewtech goodness



We’ve been busy down at the brewery but even busier shopping! First we had a big delivery of kegs, can’t wait to fill those!

keg delivery

Keg delivery!

Next, we took a trip up to Chicago and picked up some special furniture for the second floor “library”, vintage whiskey barrel chairs and table

whiskey barrel chairs

1960’s vintage whiskey barrel furniture

Finally, more equipment for our pilot batch system came in, a fourth fermenter, new brite tank, and second glycol unit, yeah!

new brite tank

Loving the new brite tank




All the news that’s fit to print!

Wow! We made the news. Things are moving along for us, we’ve made down payments on equipment, been steadily reaching out to our new neighbors in downtown Springfield, and even got our taxes filed.

Now though, we’ve really hit the big time, Eighteen21 magazine did a story on us! They were even gracious enough to let us use one of their photos on this site. Go check them out!

Here’s our story,

Growing up in Springfield, Josh Flanders and Bill Larson met during their teens and have remained close since – so close in fact that they’ve decided to open a brewery together downtown.  The 41 and 42-year-old family men, who work in IT and networking, began their journey when they decided to dabble in mead making – which proved to be a bust.  After they realized that mead wasn’t the ideal choice for mug filling, the two moved on to make a half-decent beer, which has since morphed into one of their delicious premiere offerings. met with Josh and Bill to find out about their new business – Buzz Bomb Brewing Company.

Josh Flanders and Bill Larson

Coming soon!

We get by with a little help from our friends

Friends are therapists you can drink with…

It’s amazing what a difference friends can make. We had planned to get involved with downtown Springfield, we weren’t quite sure how yet, but we were excited. Then Kevin Lust, of SBDC fame, stopped by to check on our progress and sent out a few tweets…which were then picked up by the Downtown Springfield Incorporated (DSI) and that kicked off an avalanche of social media activity.

So now we’re navigating the world of permits, licensing, AND networking. And that my friends, is good.

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