Poets, Artists, & Storytellers

Gather around the fire, Spring has sprung and it’s time to emerge from your winter cocoon 🦋
Poets, Artists, & Storytellers was created by visionaries and wordsmiths, for visionaries and wordsmiths; in hopes of further promoting the creation of creating.
Here you will find a safe haven for sharing. Whether it be by means of poetry, art, storytellings, acoustic song, comedy, writings, as well as ramblings. The world deserves to know what you know 🌎
This event will be outside (weather permitting) and is free to the public,
so bring your friends and your fullest self.
Five minute time slots will be available to performers on a first come, first served basis
(sign up sheet will be available at 6:30)
you’re welcome to sign up more than once if timing permits ⏳
If you would like to display/sell original artwork, publishings, original works, we would love to have you! 🎨
Shout out to Buzz Bomb for holding space for us 🫶
Tip your bartenders or else
Be good to yourself ❤️