Lonesome as Hell: Johnny Lawhorn & Marty Bush

Lonesome as Hell Tour makes it’s stop at Buzz Bomb Brewing Co!
Johnny Lawhorn:
Frontman and songwriter for The Pentagram String Band, Johnny Lawhorn pens song of evil and destruction. Combining furious banjo picking and otherworldly whoops and hollers with incredible energy and presence on stage, his shows are a visceral experience all their own.
Marty Bush:
Firmly rooted in the sounds of troubadour country of the 60’s and 70’s, Marty Bush crafts heart-wrenching songs of love and loss. Pairing intricate guitar work with timeless lyricism and a powerful baritone voice, his bourbon-soaked tales of sorrow take listeners on a hell bent journey to the lonesome honky-tonks and juke joints of days gone by.