New Years Eve 2023

Here ye, here ye! A new year is approaching and with it, many traditions of good luck and good will! Ease your superstitions by ringing in the new year Buzz Bomb Brewing Company and Seoul 4 Soul’s – Feeling Lucky New Year’s Eve Event. We will be providing good luck charms in the form of classic New Year’s traditions from several parts of the globe. Wear red, or white (optional, but for good luck) and make sure you don’t clean the house the next day.

$100 ALL INCLUSIVE TICKETS will get you an open bar featuring Buzz Bomb Beer, Beers from other Central Illinois Breweries, cider, food provided by Seoul 4 Soul, and a champagne toast at Midnight. Your ticket is ALSO a raffle ticket for the evening with a chance to win a Brew Day with Buzz Bomb! The raffle winner (and up to 3 friends) will help design, name, and brew a beer to be sold in our taproom. Lunch will be provided by Seoul 4 Soul!

Try “good luck” dishes from around the world as well as a taste of menu items from the up and coming Seoul 4 Soul, Korean Fusion restaurant opening on the 2nd floor of the brewery. Food will be available throughout the evening, with new dishes presented throughout the night.

Vegan and vegetarian items will be available. Any dietary concerns should be directed to Seoul 4 Soul 217 933 0880 Or to email

There are only 50 tickets, get yours here –

nye menu

Ring in the New Year’s Eve Party Menu

The U.S.

Black Eyed Peas Hummus symbolizes Mystical & Mystical power to bring in good luck.

Gumbo Greens/Vegetable Greens symbolizes Money and Prosperity

Cornbread Naan symbolizes wealth and good health


Mini Pomegranate Cheese Balls symbolizes fertility, rebirth and good luck


Tray of Togetherness

Fruit Seeds= fertility, Chocolate Gold Coins= Money, Cashews and Candied Coconut= Family Togetherness, Candied Lotus Root= Abundance.


Pulled Pork w/Fried Sauerkraut Crostini

Pigs always walk forward never backwards and cabbage symbolizes money. Money and Forward Progression in life


Soba Noodles

Represents Resilience- Bitten off in a clean cut means a solid break from the previous year. Eating Toshikoshi means jumping from one year to the other.


12 Fuzzy Grapes at Midnight

12 lucky grapes eaten one grape every time a bell chimes and finish all 12 of them by the final dong at midnight

A Taste from Seoul 4 Soul

Korean BBQ Beef Bulgogi Street Taco’s

Korean BBQ Mushroom Bulgogi Street Taco’s (Vegan/Vegetarian)

Kimchi Popcorn