We’re serving beer @ Downhome fest for the first time this year! Come down and see us!!

The 8th Annual Downhome Music Festival will be held on July 27 & 28, 2018 at the corner of 7th and Washington in downtown Springfield, Illinois. The event will feature all local, original live bands (3 stages – constant music), with gate proceeds directly benefiting the artists. There will be local food vendors, 100 different craft beers, as well as a kids area for the little ones.

5pm – Cornbread (w)
5:30pm – The Good Companions (a)
6pm – The Mazed (w)
6:30pm – Attic Salt (a)
7pm – TBA (w)
7:30pm – Owen & Dooley Presents (a)
8:15pm – Star Wolf (w)
9:15pm – The Deep Hollow (a)
10pm – Go Tsunami (w)
11pm – The Station (a)

2pm – Glower (w)
2:30pm – Rather Dashing (a)
3pm – Tribute to John Brillhart (w)
3:30pm – Kate Laine (c)
3:30pm – Foam Fangers (a)
4pm – Square of the Roots (w)
4:30pm – Erin & Arlin (c)
4:45pm – Enamel (a)
5:30pm Los Injectors (w)
5:30pm – Micah Walk (c)
6:15pm – Wolf Crick Boys (a)
6:30 – Ben Bedford (c)
7pm – Fireside Relics (w)
7:30pm – Patrick Hagerman (c)
7:45pm – The Timmys (a)
8:30pm – Looming (w)
9pm – Josh Catalano (a)
9:45pm – NIL8 (w)
11pm – Park (a)

(a) – Adams Street Stage
(w) – Washington Street Stage
(c) – Celtic Mist Singer-Songwriter Stage