Buzz Fest 2022


Buzz Fest RETURNS Saturday April 30th. Come down and help us celebrate our birthday with a full day of beer, music, and mayhem!

Billy Fury Acoustic
Corncob & Coombs
The Rolling Sixes USA
Master Bastard & Soy City Stranglers

Music outside from 4pm – 11pm.

This year tickets are only $5! Tickets available at the door, no early bird discounts for this one.

Soy City Stranglers & Master Bastard
From the depths of America’s rust belt come the Soy City Stranglers. Forming in 2008, this five piece has made the most out of their surroundings in the urban wasteland of Decatur, IL and delivered a sonic assault of beer-fueled leather clad intensity not seen since the Regan era. The raging dual guitars, a tight bombastic rhythm section, and the nihilistic spitted vocals of Billy Fury converge into tunes comparable to the finer works of The Dwarves, Poison Idea, and The New Bomb Turks. The boys will be touring across the country until the whiskey runs out. They recorded their self-titled debut with Matt Talbot (Hum, Centaur). They play fast. Enjoy!

Rolling Sixes
Continuing the tradition that they started with Decatur’s Soy City Stranglers, guitarists Cliff Collier and Dan Cordray crank out up-beat bluesy punk jams that are dripping wet in Fender and Marshall tones in front of drummer C.J. Sixx’s fast crank ratchet drums. Long time Soy City Stranglers vocalist Billy Fury, fresh off a period of focusing on acoustic performances, put his well rested vocal cords through the shredder adding his snotty vocals to the three song EP, recorded and mixed by longtime Soy City Stranglers collaborator Quincy Watson at Frequincy Recording. Sonically, Watson hit the nail on the head with the mix, which is not a huge surprise for those Soy City Stranglers fans who have been paying attention.