Bob Log III at Buzz Bomb Brewing Co

A highly-entertaining, warped blues, one-man band. A force of nature. RIYL: Screaming Jay Hawkins, Lightnin’ Hopkins, Mississippi Fred McDowell, and AC/DC.
Clad in his cannonball man, extra tight jumpsuit and signature motorcycle helmet with telephone/microphone attached, Bob Log III unfailingly sweats up a river while kicking on a kick drum, stomping his homemade foot cymbal and playing
slide on an old archtop guitar. His endless pursuit for musical mayhem and a
downright party has seen his unique talents utilized for children’s birthday parties, obscure beer barns, mammoth music festivals and everything in between.
Yet, beyond these mesmerizing visuals, lies the true reason for Bob Log’s international cult status and superhero adoration. It is quite simply the guitar
playing – finger picked lightning, sliding up and down, stopping when it wants to,
then starting again when it feels like it, all in a way that makes people move uncontrollably, smile and reel.
The amazing Devin Williams will open the show, gonna be a great night for the blues!