Black Tarpoon | Pentagram String Band

Beware all you heathens, it’s Benjie’s Birthday Bash!!!
Who’s got two thumbs, Black Tarpoon, The Pentagram String Band, Abraham and the Old Gods, and Johnny Lawhorn all playing the same show? That’s right, it’s us – Buzz Bomb Brewing co. Don’t miss this amazing line up!
Black Tarpoon-
Black TarPoon, with their distinct murderous hillbilly punk sound, will steal your soul by playin the most unholy of Americana Roots music.
Before this South Texas ensemble of sin known as Black TarPoon decided to start on a music project that would be different then any project they had ever done before, they made their way to a place the locals called the “neither here nor there”, “betwixt and between”, to meet a man who is said to have dressed in black, whom some call the Devil but others call the demon Mephistopheles, and made a deal with this well dressed man at the darkest of crossroads… They left the path of what they knew to start forging their way through the roots… The roots of Americana music that is. Their distinctive sound is a blend of delta blues, outlaw country, and folk with a hillbilly punk twist. Their lyrics have a horror movie essence, they are dark yet soulful, loving yet hateful and tell the stories that few would tell yet all can identify with. Black TarPoon’s music can be best described as hillbilly blues inspired horror folk fused with murder country while keeping a punk rock mentality. This soulful ensemble of sinners will soon be slashing their way into your hearts with a Texas chainsaw massacre edge!
Pentagram String Band-
The PSB are a satanic bluegrass band from KCMO. They are suspicious of traditional bluegrass and play a style that derives from gothic folk, americana, thrash and black metal. Often involving cannibalism and murder, their lyrics focus on themes of satan, misery and the joys of death.
Abraham and the Old Gods-
Real talk. Rolling Thunder. Sirens and Muses and Banshees. Americana, Blues, rock and roll, roots. Booty shakin’ music just for y’all.
Johnny Lawhorn-
Frontman and songwriter for The Pentagram String Band, Johnny Lawhorn pens song of evil and destruction. Combining furious banjo picking and otherworldly whoops and hollers with incredible energy and presence on stage, his shows are a visceral experience all their own.