We get by with a little help from our friends

Friends are therapists you can drink with…

It’s amazing what a difference friends can make. We had planned to get involved with downtown Springfield, we weren’t quite sure how yet, but we were excited. Then Kevin Lust, of SBDC fame, stopped by to check on our progress and sent out a few tweets…which were then picked up by the Downtown Springfield Incorporated (DSI) and that kicked off an avalanche of social media activity.

So now we’re navigating the world of permits, licensing, AND networking. And that my friends, is good.

Stop. Demo time!

Ok, so we got a building and we got a great deal on a building…but it’s not the tap room we’ve dreamed of. We want something light, open, with a rustic-industrial aesthetic! Something that exudes both class and comfort where anyone can be comfortable and enjoy a great beer. Also, we want to make a lot of furniture. If you haven’t been to the oasis before (previously the Plaza) it had some nice touches but it was dark, very, very dark. Also there was a cage…

First floor of the oasis

Dark paneling everywhere!

second floor bar

Second floor bar

dance cage

Yeah, it’s a cage

Second floor of the Oasis

Dance dance revolution?


So, out with the old, in with the new!

cleaning it up

Cleaning it all up…mostly

filling the dumpster

Fill line, what fill line?

future brew room

Our future brew room…it will be great in time

Kicking off the new year

We’ve been dreaming for a long time about starting a brewery…it’s been almost 8 years now since we started brewing at home and slowly over time that dream has moved from fantasy to reality. A couple years ago we really started upgrading our equipment, taking brewing more seriously, researching, becoming part time scientists. Explorers in a brew world if you will. We thought if we could solve problems on a small scale with a commercial grade system, maybe some day we could really do this. And then that day came.

In 2016, we served our beers with the Prairie Schooners at the Springfield Oyster and Beer fest and they were so well received that we decided that day, it was time. We frantically set off trying to find a location and figuring out “hey how do you start a brewery anyways”. Luckily we were smart enough to know what we didn’t know and reached out for help to the Small Business Development Center  here in Springfield. With the guidance of Kevin Lust, we crafted our business plan, narrowed our location choices, and investigated opportunities until the stars aligned and we found our place.

In mid December, we closed on the old Oasis building in downtown Springfield. Our financing was secured with the help of that business plan, which the bank described as “one of the most thorough they’d ever seen”. Now a new year starts and our new business with it. ETA September 2017, see you soon!

Buzz Bomb Brewing Co

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