Socially Distant Scavenger Hunt

Clue #1

All right everyone, we have a little game to take your mind off the world at large. It’s time for a Socially Distant Scavenger Hunt! Figure it out and win a prize!

How does this work?
1 – Every Sunday and Wednesday we will post a riddle, solve the riddle and you will get a location.
2 – Go to that location and you’ll find a letter.
3 – Take a picture of that letter.
4 – Once you have all the letters, put them together in to the correct phrase.
5 – Send us your letter pictures (privately!) and the phrase.

1 – Stay socially distant! None of this scavenger hunt will require you to interact with any other humans.
2 – Do not post your pics or riddle solutions, that’s a disqualification!
3 – Can you guess the phrase without all the letters? No.

What do you win?
The first 10 people to finish will receive a custom Buzz Bomb shirt from
Reverie Apparel that will never be produced again!
The first 5 people to finish also receive a $25 gift card!
Everyone else receives entertainment and a sense of self-satisfaction, ha!

Whew, I read ALL that, what do I do now?
Check out your first riddle below, happy hunting! 🍻

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