Rustic tasting party

Lots of good things happened last week, we got all of our designs submitted to the city for permits, we got our federal licensing approval, we got started prepping for the glass roller door on the front of the building (oh yeah, that’s happening!), and we got some good work done on the brewery!

After all that work, we needed a vacation…well that wasn’t going to happen so we did the next best thing and threw a party 😀

Awhile back some friends had requested a private tasting party and boy did we deliver, we pulled out all the stops and put together a german feast alongside eight of our experimental beers. The night was a rousing success, take a look

Homemade table and benches

Homemade table and benches

Beer hall style table

Beer hall style table

our portable bar

Our portable bar

Table center pieces

Table center pieces

Buzz Bomb Tasting glasses

Buzz Bomb Tasting glasses

Buzz Bomb tasting glass with beer


tasting party tent all lit up

The tent all lit up

You may remember that we’re doing a lot of work ourselves, such as building a lot of the furniture that is going into the tasting room…well you’re looking at where we learned to do that kind of stuff. All the furniture you see in that tent, including the bar, we made ourselves.

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  1. Lucius says:

    Good to see you guus are livin the dream.

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