Rock Bottom String Band!

Playing May 3rd, 8-11pm at Buzz Bomb!

Rock Bottom String Band is family! What began as four strangers with a shared love of music has become a nationally touring band run on D.I.Y. values and the community of friends we’ve created along the way. Our mission is to make every show more than spectator and performer– we want our audience to feel as much a part of the show as if they were on stage themselves. For RBSB music is about making connections and growing communities and we bring that passion to our performance every time we play. Born from backyard jams in 2013, we mix a multitude of styles to produce high energy tunes. Our many influences include bluegrass, folk, and americana flavored with punk, metal, and traditional roots. The diversity of our music enables us to play for many different groups of people in all sorts of venues. Whether it be at a family party, a dive bar, or on stage at festival, RBSB brings a rowdy good time!

Rock Bottom String Band
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