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Wow! We made the news. Things are moving along for us, we’ve made down payments on equipment, been steadily reaching out to our new neighbors in downtown Springfield, and even got our taxes filed.

Now though, we’ve really hit the big time, Eighteen21 magazine did a story on us! They were even gracious enough to let us use one of their photos on this site. Go check them out!

Here’s our story,

Growing up in Springfield, Josh Flanders and Bill Larson met during their teens and have remained close since – so close in fact that they’ve decided to open a brewery together downtown.  The 41 and 42-year-old family men, who work in IT and networking, began their journey when they decided to dabble in mead making – which proved to be a bust.  After they realized that mead wasn’t the ideal choice for mug filling, the two moved on to make a half-decent beer, which has since morphed into one of their delicious premiere offerings. met with Josh and Bill to find out about their new business – Buzz Bomb Brewing Company.

Josh Flanders and Bill Larson

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