Black Tarpoon

Beware all you heathens.

Black TarPoon, with their distinct murderous hillbilly punk sound, will steal your soul by playin the most unholy of Americana Roots music.

Before this South Texas ensemble of sin known as Black TarPoon decided to start on a music project that would be different then any project they had ever done before, they made their way to a place the locals called the “neither here nor there”, “betwixt and between”, to meet a man who is said to have dressed in black, whom some call the Devil but others call the demon Mephistopheles, and made a deal with this well dressed man at the darkest of crossroads… They left the path of what they knew to start forging their way through the roots… The roots of Americana music that is. Their distinctive sound is a blend of delta blues, outlaw country, and folk with a hillbilly punk twist. Their lyrics have a horror movie essence, they are dark yet soulful, loving yet hateful and tell the stories that few would tell yet all can identify with. Black TarPoon’s music can be best described as hillbilly blues inspired horror folk fused with murder country while keeping a punk rock mentality. This soulful ensemble of sinners will soon be slashing their way into your hearts with a Texas chainsaw massacre edge!

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Wayward Motel

Wayward Motel is a 4-piece rock band from Springfield, IL consisting of award-winning songwriter Josh Catalano, Rory Davis, Matt Natale, and Patrick Bruce Miller. Their new album “Hourly Rates” delivers a pristine, sentimental yet universal sound that both confronts ghosts and delves into a span of emotions from longing to heartbreak, sweet love, and the complexities of sepia-tinted nostalgia and loss. Their authentic and personal approach to music has received a warm reception wherever they travel, and this same approach is the heart of the album.

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Attic Salt

Melodic, aggressive, catchy, unapologetically pop; all have been used to describe Attic Salt. Residing in the vibrant punk scene of Springfield, IL, Andy Harmon, Fred Malcom, and Skip Davis have been friends since the late 90’s and have spent a majority of that time playing in bands together. In late 2015, the group befriended Alyssa Currie to start a new project called Attic Salt.

In 2017, Attic Salt released their self-titled debut and it quickly became a year end favorite by many who heard it. Receiving praise from publications such as PunkNews, Razorcake, and Bad Copy, the band quickly developed an undeniable buzz. PunkNews highlighted “Guitarists Andy Harmon and Alyssa Currie have one of the best dual dynamics I’ve heard on vocals in quite some time. “

After supporting the record with tours in the United States and abroad, including appearances at The Fest and Pouzza Fest, the band went back to work on their second album. Get Wise is a collection of unabashedly honest pop-punk songs that builds on their self-titled debut and showcases the songwriting of Andy Harmon and Alyssa Currie. Every track is a deadly earworm and a reminder that much can be said with four chords and a melody.

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The Ex-Bombers

The Ex-Bombers are a sinister psychedelic blues duo who play suspiciously resonant songs harnessing the thunder of electric 8-string bass and drums, a pair of wrecking ball voices, and a delightful kaleidoscope perspective of a world on fire. Since 2010 they have been amassing a cult following through their scintillating live shows and five electrifying vinyl releases on Cavetone Records.

Thee Story: “Can you hear my heart beat? Whisper in my ear.” Each breath brings with it a shared collective consciousness until, hesitation… it skips a beat. Electricity charges the moment with its velvet touch and The Ex-Bombers begin the sonic ritual with an electric 8 string bass, a small drum set, and a unique blues-meets-garage-meets-jazz dual vocal attack. Their songs are both timely and timeless.

A sinister extension of the late 60s sound, the pair would have been the house band for the leather club across from the Fillmore West. Think Grace Slick and Lou Reed took over The Doors, add the verve of first-wave garage psych (ex: Music Machine, Chocolate Watchband, Shadows of Knight), and stir in some of the most clever songwriting ever committed to wax. Primal pop hooks, unforgettable frenetic performances, and the type of honesty that only a funhouse mirror can provide.

The Ex-Bombers have been a cult band in the making since their debut in a “venue” called the Snake Pit (a townhouse garage) back in 2010 where the decidedly non-punk pair dressed in all black ripped out a set of scintillating originals, perverted versions of covers, and let a pre-recorded VHS tape take the place of banter between songs. Everyone became lost in a shared moment. Curious looks turned to dedicated followers.

Since that show, M. Keri Cousins (drums) and S.M. Nancy Walus (bass) have played anywhere with a power outlet on some of the biggest and the smallest stages at clubs, bars, breweries, art spaces, and even three weddings (Catholic, Pagan, and non-denominational for those keeping track).

Along the way, they put out five vinyl releases on Cavetone Records that have been met with adulation and intrigue. The releases include multiple long players (“The Tightwire” [2012] / “Five Star Night” [2015] / “New Love Is Easy” [2021]) and 7” releases (Anti-single [2013] / Original Halloween tune [2018]) all recorded completely analog in the spirit of 1967 complete with the crazy concept of playing the songs live / together in a singular take. Known for the production of their albums, the pair have also been the invisible hands that have produced countless other bands’ records.

The Ex-Bombers continue to dedicate themselves to the craft of being musicians, chasing sounds, and writing songs that describe a kaleidoscope existence that is anything but vanilla.

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Blue Ribbon Revival

Honky Tonk, Roots-Rock, Alternative-Country? Yup, all of that. Since 2010 they’ve been making toes tap, tears fall, and faces melt. With a tele twang, upright slap, steel guitar cry, and that driving beat they’ll transport you back to a Nashville honky tonk before it became “new” country Disney World.

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Buzzard Fight

Psychedelic Country Sludge

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Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club

Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club is just a man armed with a banjo, a guitar and stories to tell. The music he makes is the medicine he takes. One German music critic explains it like this:

Joey Henry’s Dirty Sunshine Club

Is this still music? One thing is for sure: Joey Henry defies labels. And the Dirty Sunshine Club is photography, pinball machine philosophy, skateboard existentialism, ripped pages from a Kansas diary, and street corner storytelling as much as it is music. Joey himself dubs it simply group therapy. So if anyone still plans to come mainly for the music, the guy can play a tune or two. Or a whole bunch. And he’ll tickle unique, reverb-loaded yet rhythmic sound scapes out of his Banjo, his Ukulele, and his guitar that will simply give you the goosebumps.

– Klaus Bender

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DJ Smokey J

Getting us started and keeping the party going DJ Smokey J will be rocking the #AdamsFamilyPatio with his signature sound! What’s his signature sound? It’s whatever weirdness he desires that day 😀 😀 😀

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