Phillip Michael Scales

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Finding your calling early in life does not always make answering the call any easier. At 9 years old, Phillip-Michael Scales performed for sold out crowds nightly in the musical “Joseph…” with Donny Osmond. He couldn’t articulate it, but he knew when those curtains first opened, performing was his calling. He also had an Uncle who played guitar, and grew up attending his shows, running around backstage. He knew it was a big deal but didn’t understand the significance that his Uncle’s name was B.B. King.

Watching his nephew’s passion for music grow, after a concert, Uncle B autographed a photo with a note that said “Stay with it.” The photo hung in his makeshift home studio, then in his dorm room at Berklee College of Music and eventually in his first apartment in Chicago. Ready to take the world by storm, Phillip-Michael worked in restaurants between releasing music and going on self-booked tours. Each time he visited with his uncle, he was always greeted with a smile and a slow, deliberate “Hey, Son!” Those grounding conversations would become more meaningful as time went on.

When Phillip-Michael received the news that his Uncle B. passed away it was at a particularly rough point in his career. He was thinking about giving up and wished he could have picked up the phone for a “Hey Son!” and some words of encouragement. Then he noticed a crumpled, faded, barely legible photo on the wall that said “Stay with it.” It’s been his mantra ever since.

His most recent single, “O, Hallelujah” broke 40k plays and he has been featured in Rolling Stone France. His music has taken him all the way to the Middle East, as well as festivals across Europe and North America.
He has opened for Fantastic Negrito, Anderson East, Guster, David Cook, Bethany Joy Lenz, Matt Hires, Billy Rafoul, Crystal Bowersox, Tyler Hilton, Jon McLaughlin, and Cory Brannan.