dog days of summer

Sunday 8/23 at Buzz Bomb it’s all about Man’s Best Friend! Bring your dog down and enjoy complimentary spent grain dog treats, get a dog caricature picture from our own Shea Hovey, and if you’re into playing dress up then dress up your best boy or girl for the fashion parade!

We will also be handing out arbitrary and capricious awards decided on the spot for fun. What are the awards for? We don’t even know yet…floofiest tail? Maybe!

Finally, Friends of Sangamon County Animal Control will be on site with an info table to tell you how you can adopt a new best friend!

Featuring –
~FREE Spent Grain Dog Treats – All day
~FREE Hot Dogs from Cafe Moxo – 1-3pm
~FREE bottled water from The Elf Shelf & Reverie Apparel
~Dog caricature portraits – 2-5pm
~Fashion parade – 4pm
~Arbitrary awards – who knows?

Bow wow wow yippie yo yippie yay!

*hot dogs, water bottles, and dog treats are first come first serve until they are gone