Brett Stafford Smith

Brett Stafford Smith was born in the “Peanut Capital of the World” Dothan, Alabama. His love of music began when he found an old Fender acoustic guitar in his step father‘s closet. “He worked a lot and I never once saw him play that guitar so I felt like it needed some love.” It was this discovery that led to his love of songwriting. He began to spend all waking moments engulfed in the idea of life filled with music. “In class I would create setlist for gigs I didn’t have. While everyone else was socializing in the parking lot before the bell rang, I would listen to an album in my car.”Brett spent his teenage years playing in multiple bands and playing anywhere he could. Brett’s passion for music paid off when he earned a musical scholarship to play in a jazz band in a local college while always writing and recording as while also performing in local bars and clubs. After graduating, Brett started to bring his songwriting to the forefront and spent a few years playing across the southeast before moving to Nashville. Brett credits his father for introducing him to country music. “I still vividly remember being a kid and my dad picking me up from school with the windows down, cigarette lit, and country radio coming through his Chevy S10 speakers.”

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