Cellar side in the house

Arriving a little earlier than originally projected (it was June before!) is the cold side of our microbrewery! Fresh from SS Brewtech, five 5 bbl unitanks and one 5 bbl brite tank are here!

So, what are unitanks you ask? Well, they are cylindroconical fermenters. What, that still doesn’t answer your question? Basically they are a fermenter and a brite tank in one, the entire fermentation and conditioning process can occur in one vessel, hence the “uni”. Sweet!

Now I guess you’re wondering what the brite tank is for, brite tanks are for conditioning beer after fermentation…but wait you say, don’t your unitanks do the same thing? Why yes, but that brite tank is our designated tax determination tank. Ah…now it comes together.

cellar side arriving

Inspecting the truck

fork truck unloading tanks

Fork it!

unloading tanks

Steady as she goes

5 unitanks and 1 brite tank


SS Brewtech goodness

SS Brewtech goodness


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