Insurance Photo Shoot






Did you know we’re now celebrities? COUNTRY Financial not only hooked us up with a great deal on Craft Brewery Coverage, they even asked to use Buzz Bomb in their marketing materials!!


Stop. Demo time!

Ok, so we got a building and we got a great deal on a building…but it’s not the tap room we’ve dreamed of. We want something light, open, with a rustic-industrial aesthetic! Something that exudes both class and comfort where anyone can be comfortable and enjoy a great beer. Also, we want to make a lot of furniture. If you haven’t been to the oasis before (previously the Plaza) it had some nice touches but it was dark, very, very dark. Also there was a cage…

First floor of the oasis

Dark paneling everywhere!

second floor bar

Second floor bar

dance cage

Yeah, it’s a cage

Second floor of the Oasis

Dance dance revolution?


So, out with the old, in with the new!

cleaning it up

Cleaning it all up…mostly

filling the dumpster

Fill line, what fill line?

future brew room

Our future brew room…it will be great in time

New Seasonal IPAs

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