Month: January 2024

Coming Up 1/29 -2/4

Still some time left tonight to enjoy Tuesday Happy Hour and we’ve got some fun events and great drinks coming up this week with Lincoln Library, The Public Library of Springfield, IL and Buzz Bomb Board Games on Thursday, Buzzed Karaoke with DJ Smokey J & the Hooptie Sound Machine on Friday, the Buzz Bomb debut of Celtic folk music with Broken Brogue on Saturday, and the Buzz Bomb Fantastical Folk Jam! on Sunday! 🍻

Coming Up 1/22 – 1/28

Handmade Trivia – The WhedonVerse kicks off our events this week, followed by the first Brew Ha Ha – Comedy Open Mic Night of 2024!

This weekend we’ve got Buzzed Karaoke on Friday and Scarlet’s Darling Live at Buzz Bomb on Saturday 🍻

Buzz Bomb is a Route 66 attraction

Buzz Bomb Brewing Co is a member of the Illinois Route 66 Scenic Byway! That’s right, we’re now an attraction on Route 66…stop in and enjoy some cold drinks and entertainment as your visit all of the Central Illinois Route 66 attractions.

Check out our page on the site here and they even have our event listings!

Coming Up 1/15 – 1/21

Open mic night returns to Buzz Bomb with Open Mic with ZAK on Wednesday! We’ve also got Music Bingo at Buzz Bomb Brewing! coming back on Thursday and a double event bill Friday with Bomb.Com Karaoke (special guest host) and Mario Kart Tournament.

Saturday that delightfully sinister psychedelic duo, The Ex-Bombers return to Buzz Bomb (Springfield, IL)!

Last but not least, #SundayFunday with the Buzz Bomb Fantastical Folk Jam!🍻

Buzz Bomb Brewing Co now sells liquor and wine

Pssst…wanna know a secret? If Seoul 4 Soul opening upstairs wasn’t a big enough reveal for January how about this – Buzz Bomb will now be serving liquor and wine in addition to our great craft beer!

We are taking a phased approach and will start off with canned cocktails…then canned/single serve wine…then bottles of wine, liquor, and mixers last. The canned cocktails start RIGHT MEOW.

Stay tuned for more drink additions over the coming couple of months!

Just like with our own beer we will continue to provide a craft experience by focusing on Illinois and craft distilleries and wineries. With the canned options, we have more limited choices but as we move onto bottles of liquor and wine you can expect our focus to be local and craft.

Coming Up 1/8 – 1/14

We’ve got a secret…find out Friday what it is!

Also don’t miss Handmade Trivia – General this Wednesday and Music Bingo at Buzz Bomb Brewing! Thursday as well as a special Saturday edition of Buzzed Karaoke! 🍻

Stay tuned for the new weekly menu from Seoul 4 Soul and enjoy their food Wed-Sun 😋

Local First Business Spotlight on Buzz Bomb Brewing Co

Local First Springfield stopped by Buzz Bomb Brewing Co to talk to one of our owners, Josh Flanders, and put together this great little video for a business spotlight! Check it out below!

Hello 2024!

Hello 2024! We’ve got lots coming up this week and some big changes at Buzz Bomb Brewing Company coming in 2024!!

First up, Seoul 4 Soul opens on Wednesday, see the comments for their hours and watch their page for the initial menu! To go along with their opening there are a few more important changes –

~Dogs No Longer Allowed Upstairs~

~New Lunch & Brunch Hours (Stay Tuned!)~

~Prices No Longer Tax Inclusive*~

One thing that won’t change though are all the great events you love at Buzz Bomb and we’ve got a great week for you with Lincoln Library Board Game Night on Thursday, and a double dose of buzz this weekend with Buzzed Karaoke with DJ Smokey J & the Hooptie Sound Machine Friday and Buzzed Blackout Saturday.

Don’t forget #SundayFunday with the Buzz Bomb Fantastical Folk Jam too!

*Our prices will now have tax added to them but we know you love not having a ton of change so we will be rounding to the nearest $0.25. For example, if your bill is $6.59 it will round to $6.50.

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