Month: July 2018


We were recently approached by COUNTRY Financial, who are starting to offer Craft Brewery insurance, about using our brewery for a photo-shoot for upcoming marketing, informational, and advertising materials. Of course we said, YES!!!

We are going to get some great pictures out of it, plus of course the satisfaction of seeing our brewery in the advertising materials for a national insurance company.

Here’s the first article to come out of that effort, and interview on their blog about commercial insurance, check it out!

Great Weekend

The Adams family had a great weekend with the grand opening of the Kidzeum and our first live music show! We also served beer for the Kidzeum’s donor party and had a great time, downtown Springfield is hopping this summer. Today is another first, our first sunday open (1-8pm), and it’s not just us, you can come down for a nice lunch at Cafe Moxo, if you’ve got kids, take them to the Kidzeum and Kiddos by Urban Sassafras, and then top it off with a cold beer and some games upstairs at Buzz Bomb!


It’s a Trick!

For those of you on Facebook, we put up a poll last week with 4 items and promised that we’d do whichever one got the most votes. The items were,

  • In house food
  • More days and/or longer hours
  • Music, trivia, special events

A couple days after the post, we revealed that HELLBATS are actually Growlers because my phone autocorrects “growlers” to “hellbats” which we find hilarious (seriously why does my phone know “hellbats” as a word??).

So, the votes are in and “In house food” won by a wide margin! BUT…

It was a trick all along! We are doing ALL THE THINGS and we are doing them right meow! Ok mostly right meow…

Effective immediately our hours are now:

  • Wed – 3pm-11pm
  • Thurs – 3pm-11pm
  • Fri – 3pm-12pm
  • Sat – 11am-12pm (we usually open by 10am though)
  • Sun – 1pm-8pm

Effective immediately we have HELLBATS (Growlers) for sale!

  • HELLBAT (Growler) 64oz – $4/Fills $20 (9% and over beers are $36 for a fill)
  • HELLBAT (Growler) 32oz – $3/Fills $10 (9% and over beers are $18 for a fill)

Starting in August 1st we will have trivia on Wednesday nights and we are booking Thursday night music shows and other special events including hopefully a board game night.

And last but not least, for the most requested item, starting mid-august we will have IN HOUSE FOOD. Munchies by Tacology is moving into our pilot batch room (the pilot batch system is moving to our production facility in Illiopolis) and they will be serving food! More info coming soon on and our website food page.

First show!

Very excited to announce our first music show a Buzz Bomb! July 21st! Check out all the details here,

Birthday Show at Buzz Bomb!

Independents Week 2018

Think Local, Shop Local, support your local businesses! It’s Independents Week 2018!!

We’re part of the new “Adams Family”, we’re taking over 4th street, ha!

Adams family snap

snap snap

And we made the news,

The ‘Adams Family’ moves in downtown


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