Month: July 2017

Brewhouse in the House

We got to use our new roller door for the first time for the delivery of our brewhouse! We had a bit of trouble when the lift gate on the semi broke. In the down position. Double parked in front of our building. So yeah, a few folks were trapped in their parking spots for awhile but that DIY spirit that fuels all of our projects took over and we got to work.

So, how do you fix this problem?

  1. Get another truck with a solenoid
  2. Hot wire the malfunctioning solenoid on the semi.
  3. Unload tanks
  4. Send semi on it’s way!

Check it out!

Making the truck lift work

A little ingenuity…

crates being unloaded

Special delivery for Buzz Bomb Brewing Co

crates in the tap room

Time to unpack!

checking out the brew kettles

Checking it twice…

new brew house for buzz bomb

The brewhouse is HERE!

Rolling on

The road to our opening is long and winding (did I mention long?) but we keep rolling on. That just got a wee bit easier this week with the installation of our new roller door! We still need to get rid of the ugly window tint on the rest of the front, oh and the red tape trim, but new glass roller door is awesome! We’re well on our way to creating the destination experience that’s been in our heads for months, can’t wait for you all to see it too.

Buzz Bomb Building front

The old front of the building, sure the two doors are nice but the glass wall is boring and that tint has to go


new glass roller door

Glass roller door going in!


new glass roller door

That tint still has to go on the rest of the front but soooo much better

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